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Manufacture of street workout equipment and calisthenics park building. Customisable modular system.

Urban Sports offers the most complete range of calisthenics bars and structures, manufactured with resistant, high quality and durable materials, suitable for intensive use in urban spaces. Our calisthenics equipment can be installed individually or combined, allowing you to configure customised calisthenics parks according to your location, type of exercises required and budget. All our calisthenics equipment is certified to EN16630 and approved for installation in public areas, parks, schools and recreational spaces.

Design, manufacture and sale of outdoor calisthenics equipment.

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Calisthenics and street workout parks are becoming more and more common in the outdoor spaces of our cities and towns.

They are training spaces where, in addition to healthy exercise, values such as respect, education and solidarity are promoted.

Our street workout equipment for parks are robust and vandal resistant, fully modular and customisable, and are designed for fixed installation in outdoor spaces.

We are manufacturers of calisthenics equipment for parks, we have a wide range of configurable elements, from the ladders and parallel bars, to combined equipment that make up small, medium and large street workout parks.

In addition, we have a large permanent stock of items, and in most cases we can make immediate deliveries.

We also make customized posters and renders so that customers can see the final result of the calisthenics parks with all the elements they request. The posters are designed in compliance with the regulations, without increasing prices.

All our calisthenics equipment is certified with the UNE ENI6630 Standard for fixed physical training equipment installed outdoors, verifying aspects of design, manufacture, finishes and safety areas.

Approved for public and commercial use, our calisthenics parks are suitable for installation in urban areas, campsites, resorts, schools and universities, and in general, in any outdoor sports area.

We deliver outdoor workout equipment worldwide. If you are interested in buying a calisthenics park, please ask us for a quotation or request our advice without obligation.

Types of exercises and workouts that can be performed in calisthenics parks:

All our calisthenics equipment, both individual and combined, are suitable for outdoor training, allowing you to improve skills such as coordination and balance, strength and dexterity, agility and flexibility, and above all power and muscular endurance.

Our calisthenics equipment is designed to perform a wide range of exercises and workouts depending on the type of equipment used: high bars, parallel bars, low bars, monkeybar, incline benches, swedisch wall bar, ab benches, pole bars, gymnastics rings and a lot of other workout gear. Here are some examples:

  1. Push-up: Works the pectorals (major and minor), both deltoids (front and back) and triceps.
  2. Squat: Works the quads, glutes, hamstrings, hamstrings, hips and gastrocnemius (calves).
  3. Pull-up: Works the lats, biceps, rhomboids, trapezius, forearms and hands.
  4. Leg raises: Works the rectus abdominis, obliques, intercostals, diaphragm, transverse, quadriceps and the entire front hip complex.
  5. Bridges: Works all the muscles of the lower back, back hips, femoral and biceps.
  6. Handstand: Works triceps, shoulder girdle, shoulder muscles, trapezius, hands, fingers and forearms.