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Pull-up bars for calisthenics parks

Ref. DUCP-2011

Our pull-up bars for calisthenics parks are certified in compliance with the EN16630 standard. They are resistant, durable and do not require any maintenance. Training with this calisthenics equipment promotes upper body musculature and improves the flexibility, endurance and power of the arms, shoulders, hands and elbows.

Equipment Pull Up Bars

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Pull-up bars for calisthenics parks, schools and outdoor spaces.

Our pull up bars can be installed individually or in combination, allowing you to configure calisthenics parks according to your space needs, type of exercises required and budget.

Very sturdy and vandal resistant, the bars for calisthenics parks have rounded posts and bars, which offer greater safety by avoiding bruises in the event of unexpected blows.

The pull up bars, approved for public and commercial use, are suitable for installation in parks, beaches, schools and in general, in any outdoor leisure and sports area.

How to use: Hold the bars with your hands and try to lift your body while keeping your back firm. Stretch your arms back and forth, moving your body or stretch by lifting your feet off the ground. Equipment for 4 users.

Certified and approved calisthenics bars. 

Our calisthenics and street workout equipment complies with the standard UNE EN-16630 for fixed physical training equipment installed outdoors. They can be installed individually or combined.

Main features of our Calisthenics and Street Workout equipment.

  • Top quality materials: Calisthenics equipment is made of galvanized steel poles, bars and tubes, electrostatically painted and oven-dried. They are strong, durable and require low maintenance. Their great robustness guarantees maximum safety.
  • Wide range of configurable elements: We can build any calisthenics park to measure, according to your space needs, required exercises and budget. The equipment that make up the calisthenics structures are joined together by means of iron clamps and stainless steel screws, adjustable in height.
  • Permanent stock: We have a wide variety of calisthenics equipment in stock, and in most cases we can make immediate deliveries.
  • Customized renders: We prepare renderings and views so that customers can see the final result of the calisthenics parks with all the elements they request.
  • Information signs: The signs are designed in compliance with the Regulations, in four-colour printing and personalised, without increasing prices.
  • Certified calisthenics equipment: All our calisthenics equipment is certified with the UNE ENI6630 standard for fixed physical training equipment installed outdoors, verifying aspects of design, manufacture, finishes and safety areas.


  • Length: 202 cm x Width: 202 cm x Height: 255 cm.
  • Maximum installation height: 240 cm.
  • Security area: 5.0 x 5.0 m.
  • Free fall height: 140 cm.


  • The posts are made of galvanized steel tubes of 114 mm diameter with an anchor base of 300 mm diameter. The rest of the bars and tubes, also round galvanized steel, in different diameters 25/32/38/48/60 mm.
  • The fixings are made with clamps, countersunk screws and stainless steel blind or self-locking nuts, with high-strength nylon screw covers.
  • The welds comply with current regulations. For the painting process, a previous phosphating treatment is applied, with subsequent electrostatic anticorrosion powder coating based on polyester resin that stabilizes the colour retention. Finally, oven-drying at high temperatures.


  •  Calisthenics equipment will be fixed to the floor with metal expansion plugs on concrete cubes or slabs. The equipment is shipped with all the components and their respective plans.