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Modular Skate Parks

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Our modular system allows for countless combinations of top quality and durable skatepark equipment to suit the needs of each location and the available budget, for both the public and private sector.

Construction of a public skatepark.

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Modular Skatepark Equipment

We offer the latest in design and construction of skateparks made up of state-of-the-art prefabricated modules. All our skatepark equipment is approved and certified according to European safety standards.

We have a wide range of skateparks already built with different packages of equipment and ramps that adapt to a multitude of different spaces. As these modules are adaptable to each terrain, they give you the possibility of varying the layout or being able to extend the skatepark in the future, improving the facilities.

We have a wide variety of elements for the modular construction of a skatepark: Ramps, half-pipes and quarter-pipes, fun box, rails and pyramids.

The modules are built with 6 mm HPL + 9 or 18 mm Birch, which is the safest material against falls of the users, and in addition, its maintenance is easy and cheap.

Certified and tested modular skateparks. 

Our skateparks are manufactured in compliance with the UNE EN 174974:2006+A1:2010 standard, and are suitable for any type of sport on wheels: Skate, Rolling, Scooter and BMX. 

Characteristics of the modular skatepark equipment.

We use the best materials for the manufacture of modules and ramps for skate parks. Our HPL skate parks have a galvanized steel structure and fasteners. The wood used together with the HPL resin, adopts the most suitable properties to practice this sport in the safest way possible, and is the preferred material of elite skaters to practice this sport in a safe way.

The maintenance that requires a skatepark of these properties is very cheap, as it is fully resistant to weather conditions and any damage is easy to repair. In addition, the durability of these materials lasts for life with annual maintenance.

We can manufacture and design modules and ramps for skate parks according to the needs of our customers. We adjust both in design and budget.

Consult the specification sheet or request personalised information without obligation.


  • HPL 6 mm + Birch 9 or 18 mm: Material of recent use in Skateparks. It is used as a running surface with excellent results. Being laminated, glued and sealed to birch 9 or 18 mm thick, it maintains the same favorable characteristics for this sport that wood has, but remaining unalterable to atmospheric conditions.
    Its best property is its easy repair, as it is only a matter of loosening the joints between the affected sheet and the structure, and replacing it with a new sheet. It is something simple and fast since it is not usually invest too much time in the repair, in normal conditions.
  • Lateral enclosures made of 1.5 mm thick hot-dip galvanized steel sheet (optional sound-absorbing polyurethane foam, acoustic insulation).
  • Galvanised steel cooping 60 mm diameter and 3 mm thick.
  • Entrance plate made of hot-dip galvanised steel 3 mm thick, folded to avoid sharp edges.
  • Metallic structure built in hot-dip galvanized steel tubular profiles 40x40x2 mm. The welds are protected with galvanized treatment.
  • Galvanized steel grating inserted into the structure.