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Complete Dog Agility Park

Ref. DUAGCP-120

We configure tailor-made dog parks, approved for public and commercial use. This complete agility course includes the 12 most common elements in dog parks: obstacles, high jumps, weave poles, hoop jumps, walk ramp, seesaw, walkway, table, palisade, tunnel, sandpit and information sign.

Complete Dog Agility Park

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Complete Agility Park with obstacles and accessories for dogs.

At Urban Sports we have all kinds of elements and accessories to create a made-to-measure agility park. Our products are robustly manufactured, resistant to adverse weather conditions and require very little maintenance.

Elements that make up the Complete Dog Agility Park: 

We have selected the 12 most recommended agility elements to install in a dog park. With them, the dog can train and develop different skills while practising sport and establishing a better bond with its owner.

  • The hoop jumps: The dog must jump through the hole from either side. It has 2 different heights. Dimensions: Length 127 cm x Width 12 cm x Height* 119 cm (*installed).
  • The weave poles: The dog must perform the slalom exercise without jumping over any gate, leaving the first post on the left when entering and the last post on the right when leaving. Dimensions: Length 320 cm x Width 8,5 cm x Width 8,5 cm: Length 320 cm x Width 8.5 cm x Height* 120 cm (*installed).
  • The high jump bar: The dog must jump over the horizontal bar without knocking it down. The bar must be placed at different heights depending on the height of the dog. There are 3 different heights. Dimensions: Length 134 cm x Width 27 cm x Height* 75 cm (*installed).
  • The agility A-frame: The dog must run completely across the stockade, up one side of the ramp and down the other side. The exercise can be performed running or starting from a standing start. Dimensions: Length 240 cm x Width 45 cm x Height* 130 cm (*installed).
  • The see-saw: The dog must cross the entire platform by swinging under its own weight. In addition, when entering and leaving, the dog must touch, at least with one paw, the contact areas, in this case marked with a circle. Dimensions: Length 220 cm x Width 50 cm x Height* 40 cm (*installed).
  • The table: The dog must climb onto the table from either side and remain on top until told to do so.Dimensions: Length 60 cm x Width 60 cm x Height* 40 cm (*installed).
  • The agility walk: The dog must pass or jump over each of the platforms situated at different heights. This structure is also used as a podium in championships. Dimensions: Length/Width 35-42-54 cm x Height* 30-40-50 cm (*installed).
  • The walk ramp: The dog must cross the entire walkway and, when going up and down, must touch, at least with one paw, the contact areas, in this case marked with a circle. Dimensions: Length 680 cm x Width 30 cm x Height* 65 cm (*installed).
  • The tunnel: The dog must go through the tunnel by entering through one entrance and exiting at the opposite end. Dimensions: Length 92 cm x Width 72 cm x Height* 60 cm (*installed).
  • The obstacle jumps: The dog must jump the three hurdles from lowest to highest. Dimensions: Length 108 cm x Width 9 cm x Height* 30-40-50 cm (*installed).
  • The sandpit: This accessory is an area for dogs to relieve themselves, keeping the dog park clean. Dimensions: Length 240 x 240 cm x Width 12,5 cm x Height* 120 cm (*installed).
  • The information sign: Information panel indicating the rules of use of the circuit. Dimensions: Length (40 x 60) cm x Width 12 cm x Height* 150 cm (*installed).

This dog park can be complemented with fencing, fountains and dog waste bins. The minimum recommended space for this agility course is 20 x 30 m.

Dog Agility Park, certified and homologated. 

All our agility equipment is certified in accordance with the EN 1176 standard, which guarantees the safety and quality of agility courses for dog parks installed in public and private outdoor spaces.

Main features of our agility obstacles for dog park courses.

  • Premium recycled materials: Our dog agility equipment are sustainable products, made of high-density coloured polyethylene, recycled plastic poles and galvanised hardware. They are approved for outdoor public use, do not rust, rot or splinter and require little maintenance.
  • Full range of configurable elements: We have the widest range of agility equipment on the market and can configure any dog course to suit your space, exercise requirements and budget.
  • Immediate delivery: We have a wide range of agility equipment and accessories in stock, and in most cases we can deliver immediately. The obstacles are delivered fully assembled according to the colour available in stock: green, yellow, blue and orange. We recommend that you check the available colours before ordering.
  • Design of made-to-measure agility courses: We design completes dog park courses according to available spaces. The signs are made in four-colour process following the indications of each client.
  • Certified agility obstacles: All our dog agility equipment complies with the RSCE Agility Regulations and is certified in accordance with the UNE: EN1176 Safety Standard for dog park equipment, verifying aspects of design, manufacture and finishes that guarantee the safety of the facilities.


  • The posts are 9 x 9 cm square, with rounded edges. They are made of recycled plastic, a material similar in appearance to wood, but much more resistant, durable and maintenance-free.
  • The panels are made of 15 mm thick high-density polyethylene and are available in different colours: blue, yellow, orange and green. This material is robust, durable and weather resistant. It has anti-vandalism and anti-graffiti properties and therefore requires no maintenance.
  • The screws are galvanised M8 x 30, 90, 110 and 120 cm. The screw covers are highly resistant to breakage and ageing.
  • The bars are made of 1200 mm galvanised steel with epoxy paint coating.


  • The agility obstacles are delivered fully assembled. For installation on sand or dirt surfaces, only the bottom of the posts need to be concreted 30 cm deep.