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Outdoor parcheesi table


Our outdoor parcheesi table is perfect for installation in parks, schools, campsites, children's playgrounds and outdoor leisure areas. It is vandal resistant, anti-graffiti and immune to weather.

Outdoor parcheesi table

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Outdoor parcheesi table totally vandal resistant.

Outdoor parcheesi table with 4 benches for fixed outdoor installation. The benches are made of recycled polyethylene and can be in the colour of your choice. It is made with a compact resin board and galvanized steel structure, specially designed for installation in parks, schools and outdoor leisure areas.

This model comes with one of the most popular board games, Parcheesi, although we also have tables with all kinds of games boards and even with up to 4 games printed on the same board. This game table can be delivered with 2 or 4 benches.

Properties of the outdoor parcheesi table.

✔ High resistance to impact, wear and scratching.
✔ Immune to the effects of water, steam, heat and frost.
✔ Easy to clean and maintain.
✔ Anti-graffiti.
✔ Anti-bacterial.
✔ Hygienic.
✔ Good fire performance.
✔ Excellent corrosion resistance.

Our tables, once installed, have complied with the regulations: UNE 147 103 2001, UNE 172001:2004 IN, UNE-EN 1176-1:2018, UNE-EN 1176-7:2009, UNE-EN 15312:2007+A1:2011.

Characteristics of the outdoor parcheesi table.

Parcheesi table for fixed outdoor installation. Thanks to the materials used and its great stability, it is resistant, durable and maintenance-free.

Board manufactured with a compact based on fibers and resins exposed to high temperature. These compounds make the properties of our board extraordinary for outdoor performance. The games are digitally printed on the compact.
Game board properties: Smooth surface with luminous finish and anti-graffiti properties. As the material is non-porous, dirt does not adhere to the surface and is therefore very easy to clean.

Benches made of high density polyethylene with 55% recycled material.

The structure of the table is also completely vandal resistant, made of top quality galvanized steel.

All the metal parts of our outdoor tables (legs and structure) are covered with a thermoplastic material that provides the following features:
✔ Excellent resistance to corrosion.
✔ Good weather and UV rays resistance.
✔ High resistance to impact and abrasion.
✔ Chemical stability in aggressive environments.
✔ Electrical and acoustic insulation.
✔ Compliance with sanitary and food standards.
✔ Smooth, glossy and pleasant to the touch.


  • Board: Resin compact.
  • Structure: Top quality galvanized steel with thermoplastic coating.
  • Seats: High density recycled polyethylene.


  • Overall dimensions: 1470 x 1470 x 735 mm.
  • Compact board: 690 x 690 mm.
  • Height from floor to table top: 815 mm.
  • Height from floor to seat: 505 mm.
  • Weight: 60 Kg. approx.


The table is delivered fully assembled and will be installed on a smooth and level concrete base. This base can be an existing base or concrete cubes previously made on soft ground (earth, sand, grass...).

*All our outdoor play tables are tested with 400 kg of weight, as indicated in the UNE-EN 1176-1:2018 regulation for the equipment of play areas and surfaces. (General safety requirements and test methods).