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Outdoor Mini-basketball Hoop

Ref. DUCB-01

This mini-basketball hoop is designed for fixed installation outdoors, maintenance-free, has been treated against corrosion and guarantees maximum resistance against vandalism and weather elements.

In-ground mini-basketball hoop

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In-ground mini-basketball hoop

Our mini-basketball hoops are approved for installation in public parks, schools, campsites, sports clubs, hotels and resorts, recreational facilities and basketball courts.

This mini-basketball hoop consists of a pole, a recessed base, a backboard, and a hoop with a net. It is perfect for playing basketball outdoors. It has a 2.60m. height and is manufactured with the most advanced materials on the market, complying with the European Safety Regulations.

Properties of the outdoor mini-basketball hoop.

✔ Fixed outdoor: To prevent accidents, the basket is anchored to a concrete base.
Optional wall support: We have an accessory that adapts to the backboard of the basket, to nail it to a wall.
Vandal-proof: Maximum resistance against vandalism.
Immune to corrosion and environmental inclemency: The whole assembly is hot-dip galvanised, so corrosion and adverse weather will not affect any element of the basket.
3-year warranty: It has a 3-year full warranty, including the net, rim and backboard, with immediate replacement.

Certified basketball hoop. 

Mini-basketball hoop built with round hot galvanised iron tube at a minimum temperature of 440º acquiring a thickness of at least 70º microns, complying with UNE-ISO 1461 standards to withstand any atmospheric phenomenon. 

Features of the in-ground basketball hoops.

These are the main properties of each of its elements: 

  • POST: Galvanised iron structural round tube, embedded in the base fixed to the ground by means of a plate fitted with holes that allow perfect alignment at all times.
  • BASE: Galvanised iron tube with plate, this plate has 4 anchors welded to it and the tube protrudes from the top, attaching the post. This whole piece will be buried in the concrete pit built for this purpose, flush with mortar finished at the same level as the rest of the pavement.
  • BASKET BOARD: Half-moon shaped with rounded edges and made of 40 mm thick galvanised iron sheet, fixed directly on the previously described bracket, joined to the arm of the post by means of screws prepared for subsequent welding. The cut, as well as the rectangle of the board are made with a laser system, rounding its contour and eliminating the sharp parts.
  • RING: Of regulation dimensions, made of solid galvanised iron with a diameter of 1.7 cm, reinforced with a double 1.6 cm solid welded broken ring. A double arm joins it to the support bracket with a central crossbar, which prevents deformation, bending or breakage in the event of suspension.
  • NET: The net is made of iron mesh. The 3.5 x 1.4 x 0.4 cm mesh is welded and attached to the double broken hoop by means of a 5.7 cm "S" type hook. The whole assembly is hot-dip galvanised and the hooks are welded to prevent dismantling and removal.
  • COLOUR: Forge grey, as the whole assembly is hot-dip galvanised, over time it will acquire a leaden tone like other urban elements.
  • WALL SUPPORT (optional): We have an accessory that fits the boards and hoops of the basket to nail them to a wall.


  • Height from floor to basket: 2.605 m (regulation)
  • Recessed base: 60 cm.
  • Dimensions of the board: 120 x 90 cm.
  • Board thickness: 0.4 cm.
  • Reinforcement and anti-vibration straps: 61 x 2.5 cm.
  • Pole dimensions: 12.7 cm.
  • Post thickness: 0.3 cm.
  • Measurements of the ring: 45 cm. (diameter) x 1.7 cm. (thickness)
  • Arm exit: 120 cm.
  • Total weight: 140 kg.


The basketball hoop shall be installed in a concrete pit created for this purpose (according to the installation specifications which will be detailed in separate instructions) flush with mortar at the level of the rest of the pavement. The embeddable base shall be buried in the pit and attached to the post.