Outdoor Fitness Package 3B


The 3B Outdoor Fitness Package, approved for public parks and recreational areas, is a set of fitness equipment for adults to perform a wide range of exercises and to strengthen all parts of the body

Outdoor Fitness Package 3B

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Outdoor fitness package, approved for public parks and recreational areas.

Fitness parks for seniors are a wonderful entertainment and fun alternative that help seniors to enjoy a healthy life while exercising outdoors.

Our outdoor gym stations are fully modular, making them affordable for any type and size of facility.

The 3B Outdoor Fitness Package is ideal for installation in parks, beaches, retirement homes, tourist hotels, and in general, in any outdoor leisure area.

This pack combines the following equipment:

  • The Surf Board Fitness Machine exercises the lower joints and hips and improves the overall coordination of the body. In addition, it promotes circulatory function.
  • The Rider Fitness Machine promotes cardiac and pulmonary function and strengthens the muscles of the legs, arms, abdomen, chest and back.
  • The Tai Chi Wheels improves the flexibility of arms, elbows and wrists.

Certified and approved outdoor fitness equipment. 

Our outdoor gym equipment complies with the European Standard UNE EN-16630 for fixed exercise equipment installed outdoors. They can be installed individually or combined with other equipment to configure a fitness circuit according to your requirements.

Main features of our park fitness machines.

  • High-quality materials: The fitness equipment is made of galvanized, powder-coated and oven-dried round steel tubes. They are robust, suitable for outdoor use, durable, vandal-resistant and low-maintenance. The posts are round to provide maximum safety in case of unexpected shocks.  
  • Full range of configurable equipment: We can configure any fitness park to suit your space, exercise requirements and budget. We have the widest range of equipment designed to perform different types of physical (legs, arms, back) and cardiovascular exercises. Some machines are combinable, allowing you to obtain double and mixed gym stations.
  • Permanent stock: We have a wide variety of outdoor gym equipment in stock, and in most cases we can deliver immediately.
  • Guaranteed spare parts: We have been manufacturing, distributing and selling outdoor gym equipment for more than 15 years and can therefore guarantee the availability of spare parts for all our equipment.
  • Certified outdoor gym equipment: All our machines and exercise stations are certified with the UNE: ENI6630 Standard for fixed physical exercise equipment installed outdoors, verifying aspects of design, manufacture, finishes and safety areas.


  • Measurements of the Surf Board fitness machine: Length: 81 cm x Width: 67 cm x Height: 132 cm. 
  • Measurements of the Fitness Rider machine: Length: 132 cm x Width: 64 cm x Height: 123 cm.
  • Measurements of the Tai Chi Wheels machine: Length: 100 cm x Width: 72 cm x Height: 140 cm.


  • The posts are made from 114 mm diameter galvanised steel tubes, with an anchoring base of 300 mm diameter and 4 mm thick, with 4 holes for M120X100 metal expansion plugs. The rest of the tubes are made of galvanised steel, in different diameters 25/32/38/48/60 mm.
  • The screw covers are made of aluminium and are highly resistant to breakage and ageing. The seats, backrests and bases are made of polyethylene and/or steel. The fastenings of some functions are made with clamps with countersunk screws and stainless steel blind or self-locking nuts.
  • The bearings are self-lubricating and sealed against water and dust. The welds adopt the "CO2 shielded arc welding" method and comply with current standards.
  • For the painting process, a previous phosphating treatment is applied to clean and improve adherence, for the subsequent electrostatic powder anticorrosion coating based on polyester resin, specially designed to give stability and colour retention, and finally oven-drying at high temperatures.


  • The machines and gym stations will be fixed to the floor with metal blocks on concrete cubes measuring 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm. All the equipment has an identification plate with the recommendations for use and its health benefits.